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Spine Surgery in Mexico

Dr. Raúl López Serna is a neurosurgeon trained abroad in minimally invasive spine surgery and specialized in complex spine surgery by Dr. Khai Lam

Back pain checklist

Where is it located? When does it manifest itself? How frequently? and other information will allow us to give you a recommendation

Have you tried everything?

What treatments or medications have you been taken? Let’s find out if those are the best for you.

Dr. Raúl López Serna was awarded in Germany and later trained as “fellow” of Dr. Khai Lam, a world-leading spine surgeon in the United Kingdom.

Discover his inspiring career in spine-focused neurosurgery and watch this video:


Spine surgery in Cancun, Mexico

Structural spinal abnormalities can be corrected. They are caused by genetic problems, trauma, aging or excessive physical efforts. When therapeutic resources have been exhausted, the patient is candidate for surgical intervention. In the event that you need one, there are several situations to consider.  Learn more

Cost of spine surgery

Spinal surgery is considered to be one of the most specialized surgical procedures, it must be performed at the best certified hospitals and with all the technology required for a safe procedure. Quality of supplies, doctor’s experience and hospital infrastructure are determinants for a successful surgery. Learn more

Lower back pain

Caused by spinal degeneration and injury

Herniated disc

Pain from the back extending to the limbs.

Coxalgia and Coxarthrosis

Hip pain


Neck sprain affecting the vertebrae


Intervertebral discs wear off


Slipped vertebrae

Ligament hypertrophy

Lower back pain


Compression of a nerve root


By blood dissemination


Abnormal curvature of the spine

Spinal deformities

Due to fractures or degenerative changes


Intramedullary or extramedullary tissue mass

Dr. Raúl’s team constantly follows up the evolution of every patient. In a timely manner we attend to all discomforts that may affect your quality of life, we want to prevent mayor injuries and provide care for a healthy spine. By doing this, we are extending years of higher physical activity and your back will not be a problem to worry about. We explore the surgical intervention for our patients as a last resort.



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