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Sacral injuries


The sacroiliac joint supports the spine, the sacrum is the base bone of the spine that is attached to the ilium, which is the junction with the pelvis, the hip bone. This sacroiliac joint gives stability and allows cushioning movements when running, when inflamed they can cause pain in the lower back and buttocks. Sacrum … Read more

Endoscopic Spine Surgery

cirugia de columna endoscopica en cancun

Endoscopic spine surgery (ESS) is currently considered the most obvious example of evolution that this specialty has had. The incision is made in less than one inch in length. It is even possible with older patients, those who are at high risk when using general anesthesia, and in some cases, anesthesia blockage can be performed … Read more

What is spinal stenosis?

estenosis espinal en Cancún

Stenosis means abnormal narrowing of a conduct in the body, it can be due to genetic causes or acquired. In general, that is what stenosis means and it can be not only the spine but also an artery or the intestines, etc. Spinal stenosis occurs when the spaces between the vertebrae become narrower, putting pressure … Read more

Minimally invasive spine surgery

Cirugia de columna de minima invasion en cancun

Minimally invasive spine surgery is by definition better for the human body. The recovery is practically immediate and the risks are much lower compared to other years. The specialty in spine and skull is characterized by constantly having high-risk surgeries. For this reason, efforts have been made focused on accelerating improvements that allow better tissue … Read more

Spinal osteoarthritis

osteoartritis de columna vertebral en cancun

Spinal osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that causes pain, inflammation, and limited movement in the affected joints. Although it can affect any joint in the body, it is most common in the knees, hips, and spine. As a person ages, osteoarthritis becomes a major health problem. This problem affects millions of people around the … Read more

Cervical Arthrodesis

artrodesis cervical en cancun

Cervical arthrodesis is a surgical technique used to treat some pathologies, such as herniated discs, spine osteoarthritis, cartilage wear off between the vertebral discs or the gradual aging that affects the intervertebral functions known as spondylosis. It is a procedure in the cervical region, so affectations of the spine are in the neck region. This … Read more

What is spondylosis?

espondilosis en cancun

Spondylosis is a disease that affects the spine. Also known as osteoarthritis of the spine, this disease can cause pain, limited mobility and other symptoms. Spondylosis is caused by wear off from the intervertebral discs. Over time, the discs become dehydrated and stiffer. This can be caused mainly by age, genetic factors, or activities that … Read more



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